Let Car-Rac Guide You

We can take from start to finish and every step in-between to help you sell your vehicles faster. We help you assign the right price on your front-line retail units based on current market data, buyer demand and not on ‘gut’ or emotion.

Expert Buying
Expert Selling

One Convenient Location For Buying And Selling

Car-Rac’s Online Exchange leverages multiple online auctions to create a
single point of access to thousands of vehicles, nationwide, any time day or night.

Sell or Buy Frontline-Ready Units

Car-Rac offers a unique advantage to dealers looking for frontline-ready units to buy or sell. By connecting with other sellers/buyers that use Car-Rac’s Online Exchange, dealers can access units they can rely on to be instantly ready to sell as a retail unit. Or, used car managers can optimize profits by earning a premium on aged retail units they are looking to dispose of.